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Roof Conversion Kit Specifications

The Insulated Aluminium Hard Roof Conversion Kit uses the current screen frames from most existing hard frame Screen Rooms or Patio Enclosures and results in a new roof structure which is tighter, thus more resistant to bug entry. The Patio Enclosure roof may be left up all year round, when installed on a deck or patio that does not move in relation to the home or trailer to which it is attached.

The Insulated Aluminium Hard Roof provides protection from the sun, has improved water run-off over a soft vinyl roof and can carry most normal snow loads (up to 57 pounds per square foot). Since the roof is insulated it will cut down the amount of heat transferred from the roof and so the Screen Room, Patio Enclosure will be cooler than one with a soft vinyl roof. There are many different sizes of conversion kits and custom sizes are available.

Where the Screen Room, Patio Enclosure is installed under a home roof, an eaves-trough must be installed on the house to avoid significant amounts of water being cast onto the Screen Room, Patio Enclosure roof from the house.

The Roof Kit includes a track which is installed on the home or trailer and a roof receiver extrusion, (.075" wall thickness) to accept the roof panels. The roof is made of one pound expanded polystyrene vacuum pressed between two .024" stucco embossed aluminium skins. The aluminium has a baked, powder coated white paint finish. The thickness of the insulated roof varies from 3"-6" depending on the length of the roof projection and the customer's needs. A thicker roof is stronger and has a higher insulation value. The roof panels are 4' wide and are joined by an (.075" wall thickness on the 3" and 4" thick roof and .08" wall thickness on the 6" thick roof panels) extrusion that forms an "I" beam joint for the roof panels for greater strength. A "U" shaped extrusion is placed under the roof on the opposite side to where the roof is attached to the home or trailer. This extrusion provides additional structural flutted aluminium posts. Posts are placed approximately 90" apart.

The Kit comes with a built in gutter for the front and fascia for the sides, (all with wall thickness of .075"). Optional color vinyl trim strips can be purchased to dress up the fascia and gutter. These strips slide into a slot in the fascia and gutter.

Extrusions, are mounted above the existing side screen frames, to enclose the room and accept the gable ends (triangular 2" thick insulated panels at each end of the Screen Room, Patio Enclosure to fully enclose the room). The connection to the top of the screen frames eliminates screen frame movement in most windy conditions.

Fixed or operating Skylights are available for the Patio Room as an option and more than one skylight may be placed in the roof if desired by the client. Locations of Skylights in the roof can be specified by the customer but must be at least 3" from the edge of the roof panel. Normally Skylights are centered in a roof panel. The hole for the skylight is pre-cut in the factory.

The benefit of the insulated aluminium roof over one which is entirely glass is the insulation value in the roof making it cooler in summer. The skylight option allows the client to choose the amount of light that they wish to enter through the roof.

All parts in the kit are made of rust resistant aluminium except for the optional vinyl trim for the gutter and fascia.


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