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Free Standing Screen Room Specifications

The free standing screen room, patio enclosure is a four-sided room (square, rectangular, oblong) or multi-sided for the "round" screen room, patio enclosure. The unit can be installed on a deck, patio or lawn (with the optional lawn kit). This type of Screen Room, Patio Enclosure comes with a soft vinyl roof. The Screen Room, Patio Enclosure provides protection from the sun, bugs and rain and will allow you to obtain greater enjoyment from the outdoors during the summer. Each model of screen room, patio enclosure comes in a number of different colors and sizes.

The screen frames are made of strong fully extruded aluminium 1 5/16" by 11/16" . They have a baked, powder coated paint finish and are available in several colours. The frames are fully screened in fibreglass screening with 18 x 16 threading per square inch. The screen frames have aluminium cross bar support to enhance the strength of the frame. The cross bars are painted in a manner similar to the frames themselves. Each screen frame is pre-joined to the next one using a 1" flexible vinyl hinge. One screen door is provided, which slides on nylon wheels (Square, Rectangular and Oblong Models), set in a stainless steel bracket in rigid black plastic tracks. Additional sliding doors are available as an option. The "round" room comes with a hinged door that swings open.

The screen frames are either 22" or 44" wide depending on the size of Screen Room, Patio Enclosure ordered. Normal height is 74" and an optional 83" high is available.

The height at the centre of the free standing units is a minimum of 8', with the standard 74" high screen frame and higher with optional 83" screen frames.

The soft vinyl roof of the screen room has a roof support structure, which results in a tight fitting roof that is resistant to bug entry.

The soft vinyl roof, made of 13 ounce, 1000 denier, 3- ply flat stitch re-enforced polished vinyl has sun-block and is mildew resistant. It should be noted that since this roof is constructed of soft vinyl it is not designed to carry a snow load and must be removed in the winter. Where the Screen Room, Patio Enclosure is installed under a home roof, it is necessary to have an eaves-trough on the house so that significant amounts of water are not cast on the Screen Room, Patio Enclosure roof from the house.

The roof support structure consists of a hub(s), which joins the poles. The hub for the "round" room is made from a machined aluminium alloy somewhat like a donut with holes drilled in the exterior circumference into which the roof support poles are inserted. The hub(s) for the Square Screen Room, Rectangular Screen Room, Oblong Screen Rooms, Patio Enclosures are somewhat like a hand with fingers onto which the roof support poles are inserted. The roof support poles are made of 7/8" exterior diameter extruded strong aluminium poles. At the non-hub end of the poles is inserted a machined threaded bolt and nut assembly (called a tube tip) which allows fine adjustment of the roof to achieve the appropriate amount of tightness that will encourage water to run off. It also makes it easier to install and remove the roof. The other end of the tube tip is inserted into a bracket, which bolts the top of each pair of screen frames together.

All parts in the kit are made of rust resistant aluminium except for the soft vinyl hinge connecting the screen frames, the wheel assembly, and tracks for the sliding door and the soft vinyl roof.


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